The shoes with PVC labels can be classified into the following types

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The protective effect of shoes on special occasions. Steelmaking shoes with leather uppers generally soles cattle sole leather or tires, the shoes ahead lined steel header; electrician shoes, general electrical insulation properties good PVC labels; miners boots and paddy field boots (also known as paddy fields socks) generally high boots, made ​​of PVC labels with more thick waterproof than ordinary rubber boots (boots). The paddy field boots with pants.

Hiking boots, gym shoes, athletic shoes, and all kinds of shoes. Uppers in addition to the basket, is preferred in the volleyball shoes outside the canvas, and the remaining use of soft leather, canvas, Nigerian sports shoes dragon cloth. Shoes, head, waist, followed by plus soft leather curtain to increase the strength of the upper. The sole use of the rubber, and increase flexibility. The shoes I fitted composite foam material-PVC labels to protect the ankle. Pegs of football shoes and soccer shoe soles equipped with a plastic or rubber, can be worn in the soft or hard venues. Volleyball shoes withstand frequent jumping impact, including fitted between the dampening effect of the midsole outsole; outsole to one side of the ridge pattern to enhance its friction braking force; prominent ridge of the bottom edge of has good supporting effect. Skates and ski shoes the multi leather uppers. The roller skates with wheels at the bottom, can slid on land.

The desirability of hiking the name.Characterized by mild, soft fit. The uppers use more leather or textile fabrics, can also be used with the two; were reinforced leather uppers around the circumference piece, decorative strips embedded help; soles lightweight wear-resistant, anti-slip effect. Sneakers can be a variety of craft production, generally low-Yao, the high dancing-two, and diverse styles.

The negative heel is an orthopedic shoe, rehabilitation supplies.The name suggests, the heel height is negative, which is the sole high to low, the role of PVC labels on the shoes is to force the body center of gravity moved, correct posture. The common negative heel brand: earth shoes, fitness and health shoes, physical training shoes.

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