Gifts & Premium and Fair in China

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Welcome To CityTown Gifts & Premium,serving some of the world's most affluent markets.With more than 9 years of success, the CityTown Gifts & Premium has grown to be one of the highlights in the international giftware business.China is renowned for its hospitality and traditions of giving, which help make CityTown Gifts & Premium the most important business serving Chinese thriving giftware sector. If you want to buy giftware products, or if you need Gifts & Premium providing for celebrations, parties and festivals from any part of your business, you must not miss CityTown!

China,where gifting is an honored tradition.The region's giftware market, with an estimated value of over 3 billion US$, is centered in China and continues to grow steadily, attracting leading suppliers from Europe, the USA, Asia and of course the Middle East.CityTown Gifts & Premium is a favorable trading opportunity in this buoyant marketplace and has a proven track record of success in bringing buyers to win new business in Asia, the wider Middle East and beyond.

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2012 is one of the premier and unique fair in Hong Kong. More than 3000 exhibitors are participating from across the world to showcase their latest products/services. Also 52000+ professional visitors are expected to attend the show.In these few years, the gift & premium business in China has been spurred on to greater heights by increasing competitions and product development in the marketplace. It drives the designers and manufacturers to come up with ever-fresh ideas and designs, catering to the increasing local demands.In addition,it has been a trend that more companies rely on creative and diversified premiums and gifts to promote their products and position their image. It is a must attend platform for organizations looking to expand their business in this area.

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