The Royal Couple finished their Southeast Asian trip

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The royal couple Prince William and Kate finished their tour of four countries in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II to mark her Diamond Jubilee. It's a pretty glamorous itinerary through Southeast Asia and the South Pacific islands, but it's certainly not all play for William and Kate. All eyes will be on this couple on their most extensive overseas tour to date, representing the queen as the next generation of diplomats.

At first glance you run across the style woven on TV or in newspaper, you will be attracted by her strikingly elegant and graceful bearing. This time she arrived Singapore with beautiful flock, it is luxury brand Burberry judging by its logo and fabric labels. The couple will stay at the colonial-era Raffles Hotel, perhaps best known for its "Singapore Sling" cocktail. The hotel is named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who discovered the deep ports of this city for the British East India Trading Company.

Kate is always a style icon with fashionable outfit including stunningfabric labels attached. The medias always take stock of her every exposure on the public. Her fascinators, flocks, fabric labels on the clothing, etc. will become something of a cult in a short time. It has been a busy 16 months for the royal couple since they were married in 2011 in a ceremony watched by more than 2 billion people around the world. No sooner had the confetti settled that they embarked on their first official overseas trip together. In Canada, they visited the local rodeo and showed their mutual interest in sport by taking a canoeing trip. In Los Angeles, another theme was on display, their dedication to disadvantaged children on Skid Row. This dazzling couple is able to shine a royal spotlight just about anywhere they go.

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