Due to the nylon lanyards tied onto pockets, the stealers failed in phone steals

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Hong'an man Hemou burglar out a trick: on their phones tied a nylon lanyards and nylon rope tied to the waistband, a sign of trouble, "they know that a thief planted Hemou organs, but this gave the police a problem: Accomplished or attempted to deal with the thief who want to rub the mobile phones?

At 8 amJune 18, the Hong'an man Hemou and friends take the bus near the train station in Wuchang, a young man from the crowned groups around him to get off, he felt the waistband moved a moment, and he speedily give a look back, man pants pocket exposed a length of nylon rope which is the nylon lanyards he fastened to his trousers pockets, the other end of the rope still in his waistband fibrillation. He shouted thief, the man was arrested by a friend, and seized and turned over to the the Wuchang Station affiliated to the police station. From this case we can make a conclusion that the nylon lanyards play a important role in preventing the stealers from rubbing the mobile phones

It turned out that in order to prevent the mobile phone from being stolen,This theft is consummated or attempted? Police do this lot of thought, Wuchang Public Security Bureau Legal Division believes that if the thieves stolen cell phone, and it constitutes a crime, may be under criminal detention; With Flanagan nylon lanyards, so that the phone is still controlled by mr he and the police failed in stealing the Mr he phone.

Eventually, Wuchang police carry the stealers who attempt to rub the phone to police station and that the stealers are sentenced to administrative detention.

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