The garment hangtags in common life

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The hangtags are easily found in common life. From the aspect of texture, the material of hangtags is usually cardboard. However, there are still plastic hangtags and metal hangtags appeared in the market. In recent years, the anti-fake material has attracted the eyes of garment manufacturers. From the aspect of their shapes, they are various, including rectangle, middle folded, round, triangle, and other special shapes. From the aspect of the accessories, they are always with seal tags, strings, eyelets, safety pin.

The design, printing, and production are quite important, especially the design. It may be treated as a small advertisement. The designers must consider the following factors. The necessary constituent specification and wash care information, especially the wash care information, it may be better to write in details. For the functional garment, such as feather dress, the hangtags should include detailed information of washing which can express by some words, carton pictures or model photos. This ways can give the consumers a direct feeling and deep impression. At the same time, it gives good publicity to promote the products. The logo, company address, website, phone number, fax number are also the decisive parts of the hangtags. Of course, you can choose with your favour.

Although the hangtags are all small, they are the garment’s links to consumers. They are the necessary products in the culture of modern garment, which play an active role in increasing and protecting the reputation of companies. They also have a good influence in promoting the products. Therefore, it is best to call hangtag as the nameplate of garment. However, there are still some garment companies which are not enough familiar with the effect of the hangtags. They even have no lawful brand, which gives the chance for the speculators. This kind of products will not protected by law.

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