jewelry markets remain sluggish during the golden weeks

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The mainland this year. A golden week for up to eight days holiday, the Hong Kong retail market has not benefited. Retail Management Association refers Visit the nine years since the start of the worst retail market conditions. Summer in Hong Kong retail sales value in August 2008 of 35.8 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), a slight increase of 4.5%, the alarm bells ringing for the retail industry in Hong Kong, mainly rely on the free exercise driven by the jewelry market dragged down. With the jewelry markets slowing, the jewelry cards industry also are affected in the markets.

"Sing Tao Daily" reported that golden week has not ended, the Hong Kong retail market conditions preliminary assessment was unsatisfactory. Golden Week, the first four-day visit to Hong Kong mainland visitors, 510,000 people, Chairman of the Retail Management Association, pointed out that, after October 1, the number of mainland visitors was finally able to come to Hong Kong, including jewelry,jewelry cards , general merchandise, apparel and other businesses were seen to fall, she estimated this year's Golden Week is the worst since 2003, the turnover vertical or increases will not stop.

August this year, the retail market is also not ideal, the month of total retail sales value of 35.8 billion yuan, up 4.5% year-on-year, while the volume of total retail sales rose 3.2% year-on-year, which pin of miscellaneous consumer durable goods Cargo volume with year-on-year increase, up 32%, followed by electrical goods and photographic equipment, an increase of nearly 13%.

She estimates that growth slowed in August, the tourists related expenses experience decrease, including jewelery, watches and clocks, and valuable gifts brands, for example, the value of retail sales in the month fell 3.4% year-on-year, the first decline in recent years. And tourist-related durable goods, such as sales of iPhone and other smart phones and cameras are also slowing.

"Before the expensive goods to promote the now stagnant, previously sold a 500,000 watches now sell a lot of other things to make up to number." She believed Mainland force Valley local consumption, coupled with a near mid-Hong Kong contradictions deepened, also impact of mainland visitors to Hong Kong consumer. She refers to the share of part-sale of wine in some cosmetics, electrical appliances shop and sell watches, supporting the business including the jewelry cards business.

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