How to recognize the value of garment brands?

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The significance of garment brands is that they can create more attached values. The high attached value is the common feature for all successful brands, which making the high price of famous brand garment. In the domestic garment market, the consuming standard is not high. A set of woman garment may be about ten thousands. However, there are still some ones purchasing. This has proved that the consumers purchasing not only the garment but also the brand which showing they are in the fashionable circles. But how to recognize the value of garment brands is a difficult problem. You can refer to the following factors which including the garment accessories, such as fabric labels, hang tags, printed labels etc; the experience; the referred brand value; the image of the brand.

Regarding the accessories of garment, they may be felt by your touch and eyes. For example, the material of the fabric labels can be taffeta, satin, cotton. The quality of them and the woven finish you can touch by your hands. Are they softer? Do they easily fade? Are the colors right? Is their density small? These questions can all be answered by you. And these details are all the symbolization of their brands. The high quality of their garment and after-sale service must keep with their high price.

The important factor to recognize the brand value is to know the image of the brand. The consumers can know that from the company culture, value concept, and characteristic which can make them cheerful, confident and comfortable. This feeling can finally make the consumers have partiality for the brand. For example, the Prada is well known all over the world. With simple and elegant design, fresh colors, their garment are lovely by all. Even though the details, such as the fabric labels all express the image of their brand.

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