Hang tags for garments are geared to international standards

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In early 2012, the relevant state departments to implement the national standard of 10 clothing. Including: clothing in direct contact with the skin pH value to be between 4.0 to 8.5, "suit formaldehyde content shall not be greater than 300 milligrams per kilogram". In accordance with the mandatory national standard GB18401-2010 National Textile Product Safety Technical Specification "requirements, the infant textile products must be indicated on the instructions for use" baby products ", and other products should be indicated on the instructions for use are in compliance with the basic safety requirements category. Instructions for use of the clothing hang tags, clothing tag textile products sold in China should meet the mandatory standards GB5296.4-1998 "Consumer use of the textile and apparel requirements, the main contents include: the name and address of the manufacturer, the product name, product number, type and size, the use of the composition and content of the raw material, the precautions of washing methods, use and storage conditions, the life of those products, product standard number, the level of product quality, product quality certificate of inspection. Instructions for use are often different regulations in different countries and regions, such as the care label, some places require symbol identifies nursing symbols provisions, some places require use language to describe nursing. Although the identity of each garment enterprises with different features, but mostly in the logo on the printed name, address, phone, zip code, logos, etc.. Some companies, but also printed on the nature of the company (such as joint ventures, wholly-owned, etc.); clothing manufacturers simply a small logo as a microfiche "advertisement", gives a more intuitive feel. if you own hang tags so that consumers have a more profound impression, has played a good role in the promotion and advertisement. Some brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products from infringement of fake and shoddy products, spared no expense to use a variety of holographic anti-counterfeit hang tags and bar codes. This is both to protect their own interests, but also safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.YANG Ping, deputy director of the Testing Center of China Textile Industry Association, said that the coordination of the uniformity of the tag, we must first unified around the standards and requirements is difficult. Although the form of the tag can be colorful, but the main content of at least must comply with the requirements of GB5296.4.

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