Main function and application for seal tags

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Seal tags is an indispensable part of garment accessories, mainly used for hanging clothing tag, it is the link between clothing and clothing tag (clothing brand identity, washing mark, price labels), a good set of seal tags will better reflect garment accessories design taste and prominent clothing brand effect. Manufactures just in choice of fabrics, factually choose seal tags is also important, it play a very good prominent brand and the propaganda enterprise culture and product identification, washing and other functions. If you want to do publicity and have a good effect, it is the determinants. Selecting it will save the cost, as it is small and pretty, at the same time now it is very hot in the market. You can perfectly fit into garment, thus making it authentic to the brand it promotes.

For the different styles of clothing, manufacturer will choose different seal tags. Spring and summer color is concise and fresh, you should choose the smaller seal tags. Autumn and winter, you should choose the larger form and more detailed specification, more complicated process, and use a calm colors, such as black, coffee, red, green, blue etc. Trousers usually use ordered shape small seal tags and rope buckle, the color is more concise, such as black, blue and so on. Children's clothing shape complex, you should choose bright color, such as sky blue, pink, green and so on. Underwear usually use thin wire rope lever, needle gun, materials and environmental protection technology.

Manufacturer will choose different material and technology according to the different customers’ requirement. Seal tags material has PVC/PS/epoxy, Some customers like to engraved cute picture, Some customers like to engraved letters and numbers, In the selection of patterns we must choose a good frame, Some plastic rimmed edge, some Slot without frame, it is your choice.

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