Hangtags are the eyes of the clothings

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When we buy the clothings, we all will check thehangtags. The label that is hanging on a variety of clothing brands contains some of the clothing material, washing precautions and other information. The hangtags were made by paper, plastic or metal. From it we can view all the basic information for the clothing. It is the eyes of the clothing, though it is small, the function is quite significant.

Many small and medium garment enterprises is not enough emphasis on the hangtags. They made fakes on the tags. Only very small cotton composition, they may write quite much percent cotton composition. Main reasons for failure appear clothing ingredients tag has three aspects: first, clothing factory do not know the real component of the fabric, self risk awareness is not strong, blindly rely on suppliers to provide the ingredients tag, there is no time the fabric fiber components to detect and verify, second, textile raw material prices at home and abroad increase quite much, some textile enterprises to reduce costs, in order to obtain greater benefits by some low-grade fabric appearance is not easy to discern; third, many enterprises do not understand the provisions of the errors of the fiber content of the different countries of destination. Blended garments, for example, through some documents can be found in the United States, the European Union and many other countries and regions have different mandatory requirements, so correct ingredients label textile tag, to ensure that the export product meets the requirements of the importing country.

In recent years, the clothing hangtags have gradually become the focus of the European Union, the United States and other countries on China's clothing exports. Hangtags are small, but its reflect the integrity of the exporters, it’s an important symbol of qualified products or specific performance of exporters are also responsible for consumers.

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