The usages of barcode labels in all kinds of industries

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Barcode labels are made up of some black and white strips which are ranked according to regular rules to express a couple of information. The common barcode labels can identify the original country, manufacturer, the name of product, and the data of producing, classification etc. Therefore, in the circulation of goods, the management of books, the management of post, the bank system, barcode labels are been widely used. The usage of them will be developed in the future. In order to make them circular freely in the world, no matter the design, production or the using, the companies must follow the rules of the management of barcode labels.

The earliest product with barcode labels is gum. The technology of barcode labels appears in the twentieth century in the laboratory of Westinghouse. An eccentric inventor named John Kermode wanted to make the receipt of post checked automatically. Then he came up the idea to create the barcode labels. This fresh idea was a new application of the electronic technologies. His idea is to make a barcode mark which included the address of addressee like the postal code today on the envelope.

With the development of economy and technology, the barcode labels are changed a lot. They are not the marks on the envelopes any more and become the necessaries in many industries. Their usages are not only in the post but also in other fields. For example, in the logistics, the identification of goods, the distribution of location, the information of exiting and entering the storehouse, the query of the products all need barcode labels. They have saved much time and money for the logistics companies and avoid a large number of mistakes which people may make usually.

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