A good way to prevent false phenomenon

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Plastic sealsare widely used in more and more industries, people cannot live without it. Such as customs, finance, bank secrecy, railway transportation, petroleum transport, container transport, air transport and other logistics industry lock, building industry marks, foreign trade commodity inspection departments and enterprises to product inspection, packaging barrels packaging, energy metering, prevent theft blabbing seal, jewelry, gifts, wires, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, chemical, mining, postal and other industries packaging sealed.

If you carefully observe the road facilities, you'll find out plastic seals everywhere such as tankers, truck, container, meter boxes, post box, some of the roadside facilities and so on. It has different color, such as red, black, yellow, white, blue, green, orange, gray, pink, violet, various colors of plastic seals. Many people could not understand the technology, manufacturers often stamp and laser surface logo, every plastic seals has a serial number and barcode. Because of the body of the saw tooth can seal with plastic mouth inside the elastic plastic buckle seal, so the plastic seal can play a very strong and fixed role.

At present the bank cash box sealed using a special one-time plastic seals, the hole is provided with the stainless steel sheet, ensure the safety function. And each plastic seals has a separate number and will not repeat. It is important to let each person understand their own responsibility in different aspects. Before generally use the padlock lock or with a slip of tape archive, stamped with the handling of the seal, the above method is time-consuming, laborious, easily broken, and could not to prevent false phenomenon. In order to overcome the existing bank cashbox storage, and let person be able to send, receive, transport, store, truck box, carry .The whole process supervision to prevent embezzlement. many people come up with different new ideas,finally the plastic seals is the best way.

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