Brief introduction of sticker labels

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The sticker labels also called self-adhesive labels, use paper, film or other special material as the fabric of labels, coated with adhesive on the back. And the backing paper of labels always coated by silicon be used as a protective paper of composite material. As there have many kinds of coating technology, sticker labels are be formed into different grades.

But where did sticker labels come from and why were they invented? Let us look at the rumored inventors of the sticker.

In 1930s,self-adhesive material to be applied in the United States first. An entrepreneur R. Stanton Avery manufactures the world’s first sticker label .Just like we introduced at the first paragraph, it came with a paper surface with coat of adhesive. There has stick a backing paper onto the adhesive part, this packing paper had a silicone coating. And there also have some people are suggested that Rowland Hill, invented the modern sticker when he created an adhesive paper which became the primitive postage stamps. There are many statement about who was the inventor of sticker labels. So I think the inventor of the sticker could be determined by your definition of the sticker.

Today, they arevery widely used when an object requires identification with a word or idea. A sticker with brand logo may be attached to products, that’s a good way to popularized your company and enhance the value of the products. If there have two of the same goods, one has a label and the other hasn’t. Obviously, people will choose the one with label, because this can make them more feel at ease.

Many time, little sticker is an important manifestation of company’s image and brand. They can reflect the quality of products, arouse consumer’s desire to buy a commodity.

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