Mega Show Part 2

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Mega Show Part 2 will take place in HK in at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, lasting for three days from 27th-29th October. It is an exciting venture for the Gifts & Handicrafts industry. It has a very special place in the Hong Kong buying calendar due to its mass appeal amongst the traders in Hong Kong and Asia. In addition to displaying some of the most exquisite jewelry and gifts, the exhibition will also showcase quality home décor solutions, textiles and household products. It is a platform where new ideas and innovations will be promoted. Mega Show Part 2 is a one stop show for over 950 suppliers from 11 countries and is a chance to start new collaborations and tie ups with other players in the industry. You can launch new products such as new items such asJewelry cards one the exhibition.

MEGA SHOW PART 2 has established itself as the essential final sourcing dateline in Hong Kong every October, commencing as Phase 2 of the Canton Fair closes. It is the final opportunity to source GIFTWARE AND HOUSEWARES, and new in 2012. Many buyers were attracted by our fabulous jewelry cards layouts and stopped to make a detailed study to the bracelet cards, necklace cards,earring cardswhich were made from various textured art paper. Some visitors even fly from the opposite pole of the earth to source the new items for the coming year.

Last year, many people in the industry attended the Show and changed information with each other. Among the crowds, a visitor from North Ireland is extremely impressive; he was very professional and asked the techniques of jewelry cards. Obviously, people came here are in sincerity and great interest, hope there will be bright prospect for this fair and fashion industry.

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