Two types of fabric labels

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There are two kinds of fabric labels in the garment accessory market. They are selvage fabric labels and die cutting fabric labels. Others may include size labels, main labels, waist labels, which are distinguished according to different usages. If you are a professional garment manufacturer, you may know what affect the price of fabric labels. The price of them may be drafted according to their material, the quantity of color, the specification, the quantity of labels, and technology. The following passages are the detail information of selvage labels and die cutting labels.

The selvage fabric labels are that they are woven for one time according to the necessary width. This technology avoids many disadvantages which may be made by die cutting. However, if using this technology, the quantity of production is small. This technology is widely utilized in high standard garment, such as fashionable dress,and suit. Most Japanese garment manufacturers love this for the reason that this kind of fabric labels are all with high quality compared with others. The material of this kind of labels is usual satin, but the background of satin is hard to express. To solve this problem, you can use dyeing and plating.

The die cutting fabric labels are that they are woven like a cloth in the professional machine and then cut into different size. Generally, the picture and color on the labels are mainly expressed by the yarn. Because the common machine has restriction for the types of yarn, so the colors are restricted accordingly. In general, the colors of fabric labels are eight as most including the background. Except the wash care and size labels, most labels use two-side labels. As the yarn expresses the picture, there must be some differences between design and actual sample. Therefore, please make samples to confirm before bulk production.

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