The most common is fabric labels on our daily clothes

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In order to distinguish the commodity and service, the commodity producers and operators adopt fabric labels in the production, manufacturing, processing, selection and distribution of goods. It is composed of text, graphics, or combinations thereof,a distinctive symbol. It can be used in a variety of component yarn material weave, so it can be washable, temperature resistance and other aspects have different characteristics. The most common is fabric labels on our daily wear clothes, mostly using 100% polyester weaving.

Fabric labelsis weaved by the dedicated high-speed machines, like a whole piece of cloth of weaving, and then cut into strips in accordance with the standard width. As the heated melting properties, yarn will stick to each other together and not loose edge when they are cutting. Also because of this reason, look and feel will be subject to certain impact, the good machine would be better than the ordinary, using ultrasonic cut would be better, so fabric labels mainly divided into two categories, one category is trimming label, another kind is the selvage mark (Crochet standard, standard, and wood). However, it is divided into white flat, black flat, white stain, black stain and semi stain according to various density and different color.Their different method has different value and texture effect.

The patterns and colors of fabric labels are mainly weft to express, as the machine has the use of weft restrictions, it can express the color has always been limited, generally 8 species or less. From the result, there are two factors will affect the price, such as standard cloth width, standard cloth length, and each color along warp direction length. In order to more abundant express details and colors, the weft doubling, is called a double standard, if a sample color need more three-dimensional feeling, coupled with a heavy yarns, it is called heavy shuttle.

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