London Fashion Week

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Vitality, creativity and extreme charm - this is the annual London Fashion Week. February each year, more than fifty leading the trend of designers will meet in London to their fashion shows which many garments accessory suppliers (such as the garments woven labels suppliers) also participate, other designers will be a masterpiece in the form of the exhibition to show to the audience. During the Fashion Week, the fashion design talent will be living in the nature of the Natural History Museum tents or other easily inspired place. During Each quarter, the designers will gather in London around the professional media and buyers to show their work. London is the birthplace of one of the creative flow. In Here, the talented designers have full play, prosperity and fashion design industry has been born. Whether in the T-stage, or in the city's famous restaurants, bars, nightclubs or on the street, the entire city during the wonderful clothing and clothing woven labels display.

Although the influence of the London Fashion Week is not as good as New York, Paris, Milan Fashion Week, but many of its unique features to ensure that it is competitive in the international fashion industry 2012 spring London Fashion Week. At the last day of the fashion week, to show the "Men's Apprael". Quite many of young men's designers have brought their latest design, their design is quite special, even the woven labels on the garment are quite good. The Fashion Week was overed in a dynamic, masculine atmosphere.

There were many people attended the London Fashion Week. Quite many manufacturers trading companies, retailers, wholesalers. Also many of visitors. The exibitors were came from many countries. Like USA, United Kingdoms, Germany, China, Japan, Thailand, India, Canada, Singapore and so on. They show their most fashionable products. The woven labels, hangtags, package bags are also quite good quality and special in the show garments.

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