There are so many plastic products around us

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With the development of society, there are so many plastic products around us. People can see them everywhere in our daily life. What are plastic products? According to the meaning of words, they are the articles for daily use and industrial products which are mainly made of plastic. About the articles for daily use, usually you can see them such as plastic seals on hangtags, plastic shooping bags in the supermarket, plastic chairs in parks and so on. About industrial products, you can see many machines which are made of plastic, chemicals etc.

There is no unified standard to partition plastic products. If you divide it according to the kinds of plastic, there are Polyvinyl chloride products (PVC products), polypropylene products (PP products), Polyethylene products (PP products)… If you divided as per processing methods, there are injection products, rolled products, coating products… But generally people are divided them as usage, you can see plastic products in packing, building, agriculture, industrial, medical and dialy use far and near. Presently, a lot of plastic products are directly used in our life. Why plastic products are commonly used in our life? It depends on that plastic has some special chatacters than other material. Firstly, the weight and weight and relative density is very light, it can be used to make products which require light weight. Second, it has excellent chemical stability. The producer can easily to make plastic seals, chairs, bags and toys by mould at certain tempreture and pressure. Third, plastic has electrical isolation character. Therefore it’s widely used in electronic and engineering industry.

Due to the importance of plastic in our life and industrial prodcution, the experts from each country make efforts to develop more healthier and environmental material. They want to develop rapid biological degradation plastic. At this rate, the producer can use healthier&environmental material to produce plastic seals, bags, toys etc. And this would be more benefits for people’s life and environment protection.

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