Sticker labels printing has gradually evolved into a separate printing field

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Sticker labelsalso called self-adhesive labels, stickers, time pressure sensitive paper, it is based on the paper, film or the special material for the back of the fabric, coated with adhesive, coated silicon base paper for a composite material protecting paper, and printing, die-cutting and other processing into finished label. Only need to detach from the backing sheet, just one click, you can stick to a variety of substrate surface and can also use the labeling machine automatic labeling on the production line when you used it.

Adhesive material is applied first in the United States, as the growing demand of this special composite material, the sticker labels printing has gradually evolved into a separate printing field, it leads to more and more domestic and foreign professional self-adhesive label printing enterprises. As far as China is concerned, the printing industry in the production scale, technical level, market space and other aspects of the unprecedented development, our country's annual demand is in 20% exceeded and rapid growth, led the development of the printing industry, and reach the hitherto unknown level.

Sticker labelsis a advertising material in the advertising industry, it is composed of the best match with instant sticker lettering machine, carved out of the products are widely applied in the light box, sign production, body advertising, permanent signs, signs, computer cut pattern, pattern, window panels production etc. At the same time drug packaging is also increasingly use sticker labels, along with OTC sales, drug manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to packaging. To a great extent the is accelerated the transformation pace from traditional label to self adhesive label converting in drugs production enterprise. In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging in China, modern logistics for variable information printing label needs more and more, such as transportation, luggage tag label, supermarket labels.

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