What's the status quo of logistic industry?

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China’s economy has continued to grow very rapidly, with GDP expanding in near two digits for years. The growth is expected to persist as China continues to become more closely linked with the global world. With the fast development of the national economy, the demand for logistics services has been growing significantly; many companies selling plastic seals are also beneficial from this. This is reflected commonly by the following two indicators: According to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), the total revenue obtained by the industry amounted to 1,879 billion Yuan, increased by 12.7% from last year. Of this total, revenue obtained by the transportation sector in general made up the largest portion and reached 1,592.4 billion Yuan, grew year-on-year.

Regional logistics refers to goods transportation, storage, and packaging, loading, unloading and relevant information transmission activities of a regional range, which is the composition of the regional economic core competitiveness and is also an important symbol of the economic development level. Plastic seals are important items in the industry. Therefore, it is of great significance to evaluate the development level of modern logistics scientifically to make scientific decision and improve modern economic development environment, promote logistics enterprises and their development, and enhance the region competitiveness of modern logistics, so that it will become the "third profit" source among the national economy.

Logistics industry is playing an escalating role in China’s economic development. Looking specifically into the logistics segment will find that the revenue growth of some newly emerged logistics services was much higher than that of the industry’s total revenue growth. The supply chain and such logistic including those in plastic seals field are becoming more and more popular. These figures indicate that the add-on services provided by logistics operators are expanding in a more rapid pace than the industry as a whole.

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