Metal labels’ application is very extensive

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Metal labelsmainly used in automobiles, home appliances, mobile phone, toys, electronics, jewelry, gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, crystal, furniture, decorations, handicrafts, leather goods, watches, jewelry, glasses, and a variety of product labels and trademarks, its application is very extensive,Most of important, the function of metal labels will be perfectly for many years, maintaining their original good looks under a broad variety of challenging environment, including long term outdoor exposure in the high temperature, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals.

Many things need the match of color, such as a painting, if it have no color foil, then it is not a complete works. Metal labels actually are same as it, its surface color according to the different requirement. However, simple and colorful and beautiful are not a substitute for its use. Color is not only decorative, more functional. Their unification will be called as the color of the scientific and practical application. In different areas, metal labels required colors are not the same, in special environment to make logical choice, need to have the relevant experience and a certain degree of innovation. For example, we typically choose red for visible things, the reason is that people are most sensitive on this color, and it also has strong penetration and transmission capacity. To be noble and a grade thing typically choose the golden, golden things make people feel honorable and rich. At the same time, golden things will meet people's vanity. Similarly, in the military, metal plate often use green color, its purpose lies in the masking enemy sight and protect the role of target.

Metal labels not only have stress in the application and the color, also is an art in the process, it is made of high quality aluminum, copper, stainless steel, stainless steel iron, PVC, PET, PC, plastics and other materials, after pre-treatment drawing, die casting, high light, electroplating, anodizing, heap gold, printing, corrosion, grinding flower, dripping glue, so that elegant productshighlight corporate image and cultural atmosphere

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