A small item changed the world

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Steve Jobs, the giant in the industry, I think there is no one who don’t know this resounding name. When he unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he started a time. Apple’s brilliant new device was a huge advance on the mobile phones that had gone before: it looked different and it worked better. The iPhone represented innovation at its finest plastic seals, making it the top-selling Smartphone soon after it came out and helping to turn Apple into the world’s most valuable company, with a market capitalization that now exceeds $630 billion.

Apple’s achievement spawned a raft of imitators. Many Smartphone manufacturers now boast touch-screens and colorful icons. It is just like the invention of plastic seals which had played an important role in the logistic industry. Among them is Samsung, the world’s biggest technology manufacturer, whose gadgets are the iPhone’s nearest rivals and closest lookalikes. The competition and the similarities were close enough for Apple to sue Samsung for patent infringement in several countries, spurring the South Korean firm to counterclaim that it had been ripped off by Apple as well. On August 24th an American jury found that Samsung had infringed six patents and ordered it to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages, one of the steepest awards yet seen in a patent case.

Actually, the products of Apple cooperation are manufactured by Taiwan firm Foxcom which set up many branches in mainland China. It takes advantage of the cheap labor in China and sells the products in high price to the market. The headquarters are in the provinces such as Shenzhen and Henan. When the workers finished the assembling on the production line, they will be delivered back to the States and the rest of the world by large containers, each container was marked and locked by plastic seals, then the Apple’s products will appear on the market.

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