It’s not just a small item-belt

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If you usually go shopping, you may find many famous brands have their own designed belts. For example, Prada proposes large oval and rectangular buckles, sturdy and elegant Saffiano leather, in a braided motif or in ton-sur-ton fabric. Guccissima leather, glossy prints and red-green-red accents for the maison Gucci, ever a benchmark for small leatherwear and Made-in-Italy excellence. A choice of sportier models by Armani Jeans, Bikkembergs and many other brands is also on offer. Whatever Prada, Gucci, or Armani’s belts, they also need belt hangers to show the brand culture. Besides these famous brands belts, one specialized type of belt is the utility belt or Police duty belt, which includes pockets for carrying items that the wearer needs for prompt use and loops to hang larger items. You can see such belts hanging on belt hangers in markets which are typical for police officers, soldiers, and repair personnels. Duty belts are commonly wider than dress belts, and they are stiffer to better provide for the carry of heavy items such as pistols. It is common military practice for such a belt to be a symbol of authority or the one is 'on duty.' These belts are worn even though they don’t carry any equipment. A notable fictional example is Batman's utility belt. A common sight in fantasy and role playing characters is the excessive use of belts in all different sizes on one's person. Usually they are used either for securing clothing and armor, but others just have several belts around the arms, legs, neck, waist, hips, and across the breasts for decoration. Sometimes they are used in place of eye patches or to decorate weapons. This was also common in superhero costume design of the early 1990s. Also you can find some other special fashion belts in our dialy life. Instead of wearing a conventional belt, skateboarders often wear shoelaces in belt loops to hold their pants up. This is done mostly for fashion, but it is also useful because belt buckles often dig into a skater's stomach when skating. Since shoelaces don't require belt buckles, this digging is avoided. Another reason this is done is to avoid the excessive pain belts can cause if a Skateboarder should fall. They are also used in judo, karate and other martial arts, where different colors may indicate rank or skill. You can see such fashion belts with belts hangers everywhere.

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