Fashionable hand bags in the world

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With the development of civilization, the hand bags are not only the necessary ornaments for women but also the men’s. According to the function of bags, the types of bags are various, which include wallet, cosmetic bag, evening dress bag, hand bag, single should bag,backpack and so on. According to the material, the styles of bags include corium bag, PU bag and canvas bags. On the bags, there are many important factors, such as metal labels, leather labels, buttons which make the bags beautiful and special. There are so many brands in the market, and the famous ones are always the target you are striving for.

The most well-known bag brands are Lenka from Australia, LV, Chanel, why, Annasui, mimo, Agnes b etc. Why was created in twentieth century in Japan. The designers are following the aim that all the products from Why must be practice, credible, beautiful, constant and distinguishing. With this aim, the products from Why are popular in the Asia and Europe. The main type of Why is usual classical and mature business bag. The most distinct feature of this kind of bag is that the bags are all with big, simple and agile design which satisfies the fashionable girls’ need to put all the things in the bag. So there are a few metal labels, leather labels or other accessories on the bags.

In 1975, Agnes b sets up the first shop in Paris. From then on, Agnes b establishes the position in the fashion area. Agnes b abandons the traditional rules which making the bag costly, detailed and complex. The designers from Agnes b strive for the suitable cutting, natural material and fresh colors. On the surface of the bags, you will usually see just metal labels with brand name. Nothing else can be found. Just with this special style, the Agnes b attracts large amount of consumers.

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