The fierce competition in the senior customized garment market

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Although the circumstance of economy in Europe becomes worse and the development of China and other area becomes slow, the senior customization is more and more popular in the world. The customers from Asia and South America take more attention on the senior customized garment. Of course,the garment accessories are also the hot point, such aswoven labels, printed labels, hang tags, seal tags, metal labels and so on. Most of brands are aiming at this opportunity and going to try their best to catch this chance.

From the trend of the global economy, the circumstance now is not good. However, the customized garment market is going into a golden period. The president of Chanel Bruno Pavlovsky said that this year is the best year for the senior customized garment market, the quantity of selling is keeping increasing. The fashion director of Chanel Ralph also said that there is lots of money for the rich and the quantity of selling spring senior customized garment designed by him has increased 23 percent. With the good trend in garment market, the accessories, such as hang tags, woven labels are also in a golden period.

The brands like Valentino, Dior, Chanel all has added the cost in the person who take part in the production of the customized garment and the accessories, such as zippers, woven labels, seal tags, hang tags, machines. They hope to catch this chance to hold the market and open the senior customized garment deeply. However, the brands like Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier has held some senior customized garment shows in Beijing and Shanghai. They have early realization to enhance the popularity of their brands in the market of China.

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