Creative pvc labels showed on the leather fair

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In each year on Sep, China International Leather Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. China International Leather Fair is the largest, the most influential, and the most authoritative fair. The exhibitors came from both home and abroad. Their have leather raw material also leather products. The products are quite varies even the leather labels and pvc labels were quite varies and creative. In this fair, the exhibition products: Natural leather, artificial leather PU / PVC, leather chemicals, leather raw materials; cover luggage, furniture, clothing, shoes, car decoration industry. Semi-finished leather and finished leather, rare leather, synthetic / natural materials, chemical raw materials and dyes, parts and accessories, parts and tools. Shoe machinery, leather machinery, shoe materials, footwear, chemicals, footwear, hardware / accessories, sewing equipment, production technology (such as: computer-aided design and production system), leather printing machinery, the amount of leather, leather laser engraving machinery, ventilation and cooling environmental air conditioning, CAD / CAM system. There even have the exhibitors to show the visitor how to make the leather labels, and pvc labels on the booth. Wow, it is really like a workshop. For finished products their have real leather coats, bags, gloves, belts, shoes, trousers , gun holder, foot wears and so on. There were quite many of famous brands. Like LV, Spider King, Miles horse leather, Gold lion leather, seven wolves leather goods, red dragonfly leather goods, the leather of Yearcon, dot leather , D&G,hermes,mcqueen,bv and so on. Those brands were showed by metal labels, real leather labels, and pvc labels and so on. Each exhibitor was very satisfied with the fair. The fair is fruitful. You can view if from each exhibitor’s face. There were many exhibitors get the order on the fair site

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