Seal tags are in a decisive position in the garment tags

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The garment is a huge project which includes design, production. In the process of production, there are also various detailed parts. The most important part is the choice of material. As for the material, there are cloth and other accessories. The other accessories are always called garment accessories which are the necessary factors for the garment. The garment accessories involve hang tags,seal tags, woven labels, printed labels, metal labels, and fabric labels etc. Woven labels are usual utilized in casual garment, which are sometimes folded in the neckband. Generally, there are some English letters or logo woven on that.

Strictly, seal tags are the one part in the hang tags. As for a complete hang tag, there are company logo, contact number, fax number, address of the company and other information. There are two main types of seal tags in the market. They are plastic seal tag and metal seal tag. Regarding the plastic seal tags, the size of the seal part is according to your requirements. No matter the small one or the big one, they can be made with mould. As for the logo part, they can be embossed or debossed. Their logos can all be gold foil plated on the tags.

In the normal circumstance, the seal tags and hangtags are always together on the garment or other products. The designs and production of them reflect the image of the company and brand. From other aspect, they also reflect the standard of the garment. With the outstanding and high quality seal tag and hangtag, the people may keep this brand in heart and have a good impression on the garment. On the other side, the normal and cheap one reveals that their garment is with cheap prime cost.

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