Trademarks and marks

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We usually say trademarks are: woven labels, wash labels, size labels, as well as the printing labels that are contained the significance of the trademarks, often referred to the "Mark", for example: the trademark woven labels - - main labels, wash water labels - wash labels, size labels, woven labels, side labels and stick labels etc, a wide range of applications in the production industry.
The main woven labels’ information is to guarantee the goods can be fully delivered to the consignee; the side marks include: small Name, Number, GW, cargo box number. Side marks’ information is to ensure that the goods are clear in the retail, consumer hands. So, marks have big significance in transportation!
Marks in different area have different meanings; usually the most commonly used are transport logo and trademarks. Transport identification marks are collectively called shipping mark, we will directly called mark, are composed by some simple and easy understanding graphics and text, thus people easy to identify their goods, and avoid wrong delivery or accept. Mark has main marks and side marks two kinds, main marks including: consignee, big name, port of destination and origin. And woven label is one kinds of side mark.

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