The ways to know more about woven labels

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From the appearance point of view, there exist good or bad woven labels , should first look inside the text and pattern’s organizations, if can not clearly see, certainly is the question of the existence of quality, then look at the side, see if the side of woven labels was well cut, smooth or will not sting the skin. Burning edge machine made out woven labels has these problems, but it’s now mostly used for super cut, the effect is much better, the line and the mouth bit will be very smooth. 
Firstly, look the density of woven labels, you can pull the woven label on both sides of the middle of the yarn, if separate it must be with low density, it is naturally that the quality are not good. Last check woven label folded bit, as both sides of the fold, fold, whether well folded, there is no discount to the text, if everything is normal, indicating that the factory’s woven labels quality are reliable.
Secondly, we have to understand the woven labels production machine, woven labels’ machine are: burning edge machine, wood spindle machine, crochet machine, Muller machine, now on the market, more used are the computer weaving machines. Woven labels are divided into two kinds: plane woven labels and satin woven labels.

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