How to make the printed labels never fade?

Release time:2013-12-17      Source:admin      Reads:
Our printed labels are produced by the flexor machine, if discolored, need to use good ink, and good ink, not necessarily that foreign material ink are outstanding, only the products is ok, when the products are coming out, backing the final once, thus the lock color effect will better, These also can be controlled. While, material selection is also important. Of course, the material of the wash water labels can not be too bad, otherwise, invincible ink will not able to make good products. The material quality assurance is an important part too. So, the wash water labels decolonization or not, can have be good controlled.
Common washing water mark that we normally see have 4-6 colors, a lot of my friends will ask: so much color on washing marks, will be discolored very seriously? In fact, they won’t, here I will give a detail introduction about the production of wash water labels that are contained in the printed labels.
Many customers make a relatively high standard requirements for printed labels, want them both having perfect surface and non-decolonization, few manufacturers can reach this goal, in fact, I would say, not just material, but also there is reason of the using of materials. The material of the printed labels are various, there are tape, ribbon, cotton tape, non-woven fabrics, polyester tape and shredded bags. 

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