Printed labels

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1. Types and characteristics of printed labels
usually, printed labels’ material has two kinds, one kind is the ribbon, the other kind is the coating relatively the ribbons is more expensive, coating is cheaper. Water labels often made from ribbon material or non-woven material, the difference between them is that, ribbons should fold, otherwise the burr edges will appear after cutting. Non-woven printed wash labels do not need fold, more natural after cutting.
2. What are printed labels?
The printed labels are relative to the woven labels, printed label is printed trademarks, while woven labels is woven trademarks, Including the wash water labels, also know as washing labels or water labels,  also include size standard labels or called the size marks as well as the certificate on clothing hangtags. More and more garment factories make main labels in a printed way, so that these main labels are also known as printed labels.
3. The comparison of printed labels and woven labels
the advantages of printed labels: 1. because it use printed way, so it’s full colorful, bright, high-definition, the product is more stylish; 2. High production efficiency. Woven label due to its production in a manner similar to the way of the weaving, so the production is not high like printed labels, however, the woven labels are resistant to water, unfavorable fade, products appear relatively high-grade.

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