Celebrity endorsement is the best jewelry card for your jewelry

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Half a century ago, Chanel take the office as Hollywood movie fashion guidance, has tied fashion stars with Hollywood together. The star was dressed with big-name clothing neatly, wearing a full set of jewelry, from the screen to the Film Festival! Following each traditional old star bond, the big-name fashion and jewelry card is closely tied together, have you see the harmonious relationship between Gossip Girl and Lafayette, in the past fashion film lead the trends, in future perhaps fashion clothing and jewelry will together dominate the screen!
VIP are busy, Fashion brand understand! So top designers have gone to spare no efforts to let the fashion show to go hand in hand with jewelry show, to merge a twin consolidation, Look your favorite fashion wear, you can go directly to the VIP Show room to enjoy the show closely. Which only limited for those big brands who has a strong clothing and jewelry industry, in Cannes show floor clothing and fine jewelry were put out, even Balenciaga let jewelry and handbags on the same stage show, the integration of fashion publishing and message from the jewelry cards are well mixed together which will be flourishing.
Last:The classic is the eternity

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