The classic is the eternity

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Flying to Paris, more than a dozen a year back and forth this is not a VIP concerns, lady guests from the Middle East in order to get pre-empt customized designer's masterpiece, has long been memorize flight schedules and Galleries Lafayette schedule, the loyalty sacred most. Fashion fans are also generous, Chanel sent aircraft to fly all States, personally invited their VIP comfortably into the private custom Mania to see show first.
Monogram printing style stand appreciation incarnation Louis Volition. The fine jewelry and indispensable jewelry cards are all classic elements, easy to sell a high price. The Dior’s Rose eternal inspiration and Alexander McQueen classic skull fire all the way from clothing and accessories to jewelry design, of course you can not just wear one master’s clothes every day, but to buy a great inspiration jewelry they can wear every day!
Timeless colors, the typical Logo and jewelry cards design inspired by the same strain, lasting long enough and having the ultimate success is the last word! The beloved man died, let Coco Chanel permanent partial to black and white that was brought up in the monastery, except for her, no one in the world can only sell two color of jewelry and sell so well.

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