Metal anti-counterfeiting on hang tags

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Humidifier coherent is the commonly used methods for many clothing hangtags factory. However, this method can only make the surface of the sheet humidifier; atomized droplets will not penetrate the internal fibers of the sheet, and is likely to cause the sheet surface water is too large expansion or stain paper disease, thereby reducing paper quality. Processing solutions: the paper after coating can improve the deformation of the paper at a certain extent. Guaranteed to keep the size of the formation and stability of the paper is exposed under normal room temperature and humidity.
Consumers can clearly see the semi-subtle metal lines on security hangtags; metal anti-counterfeiting line has professional word board. Can also touch the security tag, feel the bump effect. From different angles and light, you can see the different color discoloration.
Generally, there are two types of traditional craft methods: ejecting a dispersion or a change in the form of small droplets or form an atomizing space in order to improve the dimensional stability of the paper, but in a small sealing means, in this state, if not coherent states finishing, it will affect the appropriateness of the operation of the paper. The paper suitable moisture uniformly distributed on the whole, so it is able to generated and stored in the process under some stress eliminated.
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