Fake hangtags

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Shopping in brand clothing stores also need to pay attention to fraud. A consumer in Jinan bought thousands Yuan of brand men's clothing, later found it is a false products, but about 200 Yuan clothes which put on the imitation hangtags, which was transformed worth rose! For such an event is by no means alone. Online, you will be able to see a lot of fake hangtags that is on sales, but the cost is only a few dollars, the total equipment cost is not specifically for a license to 3,000 Yuan. Such fraud profits are envied by other businesses.
The Factors Need to Be Considered in Selection Hangtags for Your Clothes
Size Selection and products; each tag specification is different, designing according to customer requirements. Experts remind consumers when buying branded apparel should look through bidding, wash water labels carefully. Some operators will use the same area of the bids of the standard, and weaved two laps line around the collar lines, to cover up the traces of replacing, such bids is more difficult to judge, almost difficult to distinguish between true and false. While wash water is not easy to replace, consumers can carefully check the degree of coherence of the peripheral pin to identify.
Color options: choose the color of the products according to the cultural awareness of the products, make your products gives a complete feeling. Material selection: There are a variety of hangtags material, generally market hangtags are mainly paper cards. The paper card of hangtags both have thick and thin types, each material has different thicknesses, the customer needs should based on the actual choice. For example: If a customer needs 300G coated paper, 300G coated paper material thickness is about a business card. Hangtags crafts Select: drilling, eyeleteer, a plastic, over UV, bronzing, hot silver shop powder, etc. Of course, different customers have different requirements; customers can send your request and instructions to manufacturers to solve the problems for you.

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