Barcode technology

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We know that the main advantage of barcode technology is integrated, real-time and collaborative management etc. Then, with the development of digitized, combined barcode technology, for home users, computers and the Internet could no longer be a single entertainment features. Like barcode technology used for real-time monitoring and queries of the water meter, in the near future, most of the residential area will settle the information of electricity, gas, and digital TV and other home electronic equipment to the computer by using barcode label technology, thus to make property managers and users can easily mater the relevant information and timely communication.
If using barcode label technology, simply swept with a scanner, you can quickly and accurately record numbers, and stored into the computer. Not only can the staff, even we can just click the mouse to master the use of tap water.
Barcode technology is ubiquitous in everywhere, maybe it has come to your doorstep now, and this is not "alarmist". As early as few months ago, the water company claimed that: Stainless steel file number hanging on water flow meter gradually exit the history stage, replaced by barcode labels file license plate. "File license plate is a water meter important identification of the settlement, but also the important basis for staff to confirm the epitome. In the past, the installation of hanging file license plate is very cumbersome, easily lost, high cost of production; there will be an error with the naked eye. 

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