Barcode label is a kind of automatic identification technology

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In addition to the identification by train feel, color, paper, barcode label is the main means of security, the need to pay special attention to the train in front of two sections digital. Railway police said, In addition to these basic identification methods, the passengers also can see the barcode labels to identify the train ticket. The bar code on the bottom of train ticket is divided into three sections, the front section of the last four digits means date of the tickets sold. The middle section of configure, it should be same with the top configure. Generally, fake tickets are very difficult to meet these two requirements.
By far, barcode labels are the most economical, practical kind of automatic identification technology. Barcode technology has the following advantages make it meet the needs of train ticket system: 1. Fast speed input: compared with the keyboard input, the barcode input speed is 5 times than the keyboard input, and can achieve a "real-time data input". 2. High reliability: one three-hundredth keyboard input data error rate, use of optical character recognition technology can control error rate in one ten thousandth, while use bar code technology bit error rate less than one millionth. 3. The large amount

acquisition of information: use the traditional one-dimensional bar code once can collect dozens of characters, and two-dimensional barcode labels can carry thousands of characters information, and have automatic error correction capability. 4. Flexible and practical: barcode both can be used alone as a means of identification, a system to realize automate identification and also link with other management and other control devices to realize automate identification.

The metal labels have symbolic and warning roles, first and foremost is the whole eye visually to the performance of its role. Such as: text to convey, the token is a symbol, direction, suggesting that nature, and so function. Text styles can demonstrate character, scenery, and significance. The shape and the mark are together to present the symbols and tectonic significance. 

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