A Larger Space for Sticker Labels in Food Industry

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Sticker labelshave been applicated in various industries, the growth of the national economy, changes in consumer packaging concept and technological innovation, has brought great development to the sticker market. Currently, sticker /self-adhesive labels market increases 20% every year in China, far higher than the national average of 7% to 9% growth rate, much higher than the label market of Europe and the United States an average of 5% to 6% growth rate. Despite the alarming rate of growth, but compared to the mature label market and developed countries, China's annual per capita amount of sticker labels is only 0.5 to 0.6 square meters, compared to a dozen square meters per capita in Europe and America annual consumption (annual per capita of 17 to 18 square meters), there are a lot of room for growth and development of the sticker label market . Now let’s take a look at the application of the sticker labels in food industry.

With respect to the previously mentioned several industries like, garment industry, market industry and medcine industry, the application of sticker labels in food industry is a smaller proportion. In mature markets abroad, the various forms of labeling of the food industry, the proportion of sticker labels approximately 20%, mainly for wet glue labels, accounting for 68%. But in some high-end products, sticker labels has been accepted and used, especially on the bottle of some chocolate, candy packaging , the self-adhesive labels as a good means to highlight shelf effect has been widely adopted and used by manufacturer. Currently in the country, it is really small propotion thatsticker labels applicated in the food industry, which also brought a larger space in the growth of the food industry. Domestic self-adhesive labels used in the food industry are mainly based on, and some food in order to present a performance of certain gorgeous effect, some even use the satin effect aluminum foil or PET material, thus to increase its shelf effects and high quality feel.

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