Environmental Requirements of Garment Accessories

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In addition to the two major features of the practical and decorative, garment accessories products should also ensure the health, safety, environmental protection, in the enterprises’ export of garment accessories, especially pvc labels, remember not to neglect the environmental requirements of the special plastic accessories.

Recently, news from the industry, as zippers, buttons, hot fix rhinestone, metal fasteners and other accessories are becoming more and more prominent in fashion design, the design of accessories are widely used in women's fashion and casual wear, but experts have warned in addition to the two main features of the practical and decorative, accessories, also ensure the health, safety, environmental protection.
At present, the Quanzhou export clothing enterprise and buttons, zipper manufacturer, pay attention more to the metal buttons, combination of buttons, pvc labels, and DianDuJian zipper metal materials in the heavy metal content such as nickel, lead, but often ignored resin accessories environmental requirements.

A person in charge of Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Association said recently taken place too much cause of resin accessories failed and led to the return event clothing, resin buttons and zipper lose Europe and the United States rejected mainly because the total lead content, resin buttons zipper andpvc labels low price low for mold, has been widely used in garment production, quality and safety of such products should attract the attention of the export garment enterprises.

The official reminded that enterprises should increase the quality and safety management and control of plastic accessories, garment accessories products sent to third-party testing organizations necessary to verify the validity of the test results of the raw materials suppliers. In addition, we must strictly obey production in accordance with the technical regulations and standards of the importing country, organization, do not blindly follow the customer requirements, to avoid losses.

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