Sinicline Launches Eco Tree-free Paper Packaging

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Tree-free paper is described as an alternative to wood-pulp paper by its raw material composition. It is claimed to be more eco-friendly considering the product's entire life cycle.
Sources of fiber for tree-free paper include:
Agricultural residues (e.g. sugarcane bagasse, husks and straw)

Fiber crops and wild plants, such as bamboo, hemp, jute, and flax

Textiles and cordage wastes

Sinicline developed a series of tree-free paper packaging products. We have herbage paper (made from jute, rice husk and straw) and bamboo paper for you to choose from.

Sugarcane Paper Packages

Why Sugarcane Paper:
1, Sugarcane fibers are very strong and therefore produce strong paper products.
2, Sugarcane fibers quickly dissolve back into the earth so it’s safe for all disposal systems.
3, Sugarcane are virgin fibers so they don’t require heavy bleaching of inks and dyes as in recycled paper products.
Herbage Paper Packages
Why Herbage Paper:
1, Acid free, have a pH value of 7.0, can protect materials in contact with paper from acid attack. 2, Looks natural because it is an earth tone.
3, Made by ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) methods and will biodegrade.
Bamboo Paper Packages
Why Bamboo
1, Bamboo is renewable, it can reach maturity in three years and be harvested annually.
2, Bamboo fibers are much longer and stronger than wood, making the paper durable for all printing and converting processes.
3, It can be acid free and archival quality.

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