Sinicline Launches Eco Sugarcane Paper Tags and Boxes

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Sugarcane bagasse is the main by-product of the sugar industry. It belongs to agricultural solid waste. Studies have shown that bagasse has 32% to 48% cellulose, 19% to 24% hemicellulose, and 23% to 32% lignin. Bagasse is an inexhaustible renewable resource.
Bagasse is a good raw material for pulping and papermaking. Bagasse has become one of the main raw materials for papermaking in Guangxi , China. The bagasse has a fiber fibrin content of about 32% to 48%.
The bagasse cellulose can be used not only to produce packaging paper, corrugated paper, glossy paper or toilet paper, but also to use bagasse bleaching chemical pulp to mix a certain amount of long fibers to make various kinds.

High-end culture and household paper, such as coated paper, copy paper, double-adhesive paper, high-grade toilet paper, napkins, etc.

The advantages of sugar cane paper:
- Utilization of unused resources and recycling of waste.
- An alternative of wood pulp = Protection of forest resources.
- No emission of organic chlorine compounds.
- Reduction of CO2, and energy conservation, CO2 emission can be reduced by approximately 179kg for every ton of pulp produced this way.
Recently, Sinicline developed a series of paper boxes and bags which are made of eco friendly bagasse paper. Have a look!

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