Plastic seals play a firmly fixed role

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Plastic seals adopt PP injection molding, there are steel seal in it, between minus 45 degrees and 50 degrees above zero will not distort, surface using stamping or laser to print trade marks, serial number, bar code, the lock lever 2 * 5 flat bar, adjustable tightening in using process, color can be made of red, blue, green, yellow, can also be made into other colors according to users’ requirements. Pull up to F ≥ 60KG.
Due to the serrated body of the seal bar can be driving fit with flexible plastic buckle, so plastic seals can play a very firmly fixed role. This are the main properties of the container seals, usually inside the cargo container used in the goods and pier, is a very effective anti-theft measures, which the container seals must be done very unique, or when back to home open impossible pirated copy, there are high security seal, digital burglar seals, bolt seals, metal seals, plastic wire seals, plastic seals, security seals etc
The plastic seals are plastic fittings for fixed wires, cables and other lines. The plastic seals consists of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth, which has a flexible plastic hook buckle, the other end with a serrated plastic seals strip, the body can be bent through the front of the plastic mouth to form a ring wear, like pants belt can be used as a bundled cable.

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