The output and need grow rapidly of plastic seals

Release time:2014-01-02      Source:admin      Reads:
As in recent years, domestic inexhaustible held a large plastic seals meetings, provide the plastic seal industries with a brilliant refurbished product opportunity. The South condensation disaster at the beginning of the year 2008, a major earthquake disaster in Sichuan in May, make the plastic seals become one security material to ensure the goods are safe and reliable reach disaster areas. Logistics and transport are more and more depended on plastic seals, thus it has been widely used in these industries. Plastic seals will have good potential for development in the plumbing, heating, city gas transmission, the rural biogas gas transportation, municipal water, municipal drainage, sewerage, rural drinking water refreshes, agricultural irrigation and drainage, electricity, communications, property and many other aspects.
In addition to the municipal engineering in 2010, the needs of plastic seals is also growing rapidly, and with the low-altitude radiation heating the preparation and non-excavation further construction craft, bring plastic seal industry with new market growth opportunity. Due to the pull of local needs, there are some enterprises in Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin, and western regions investment growth, But with the domestic and foreign enterprises are optimistic about the Midwest market, two annual production capacity begin invest initially transferred to these areas. 

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