The collectors and trade business cards

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Trade cards are the ancestors of trading cards. Some of the earliest prizes found in retail products were cigarette cards; trade cards advertising the display hang cards that were inserted into paper packs of cigarettes as stiffeners to protect the contents. Children would stand outside of stores to ask customers who bought cigarettes for the promotional cards. Following the success of cigarette cards, trade cards were produced by manufacturers of other products and included in the product or handed to the customer by the store clerk at the time of purchase. World War II put an end to cigarette card production due to limited paper resources, and after the war cigarette cards never really made a comeback.
After that collectors of prizes from retail products took to collecting tea cards in the UK and bubble gum cards in the US. In attempt to stay current with technology and digital trends, existing and new trading card companies started to create digital trading cards that lives exclusively online or as a digital counterpart of display hang cards. Topps established themselves in the digital space by launching a new brand of sports cards, called tops. These cards are sold exclusively online through individual IPO's in which the card is offered for usually a week at the IPO price. The quantity sold depends on how many people offer to buy, but is limited to a certain maximum.
After a sale, the cards are held in a climate-controlled warehouse unless the buyer requests delivery and the cards can be traded online without changing hands except in display hang cards. Today, the development of the Internet has given rise to various online communities, through which members can trade collectible cards with each other. Cards are often bought and sold via eBay and other online retail sources. The value of a trading card depends on a combination of the card's condition, the subject's popularity and the scarcity of the card. In some cases, especially with older cards that preceded the advent of card collecting as a widespread hobby, they have become collectors' items of considerable value.

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