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Numerous inventions and techniques have contributed to the contemporary logo, including cylinder seals, coins, and trans-cultural diffusion of logographic languages, coats of arms, watermarks, silver hallmarks and the development of printing technology of custom aprons. Simultaneously, typography itself was undergoing a revolution of form and expression that expanded beyond the modest, serif typefaces used in books, to bold, ornamental typefaces used on broadsheet posters. The arts were expanding in purpose—from expression and decoration of an artistic, storytelling nature, to a differentiation of brands and products that the growing middle classes were consuming.
Artistic credit tended to be assigned to the lithographic company, as opposed to the individual artists who usually performed less important jobs. Today there are many corporations, products, brands, services, agencies and other entities using an ideogram or an emblem or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo. An effective logo may consist of both an ideogram and the company name to emphasize the name over the graphic and custom aprons and additional graphic elements. Ideograms and symbols may be more effective than written names, especially for logos translated into many alphabets in increasingly globalized markets. For instance, a name in the Arabic language would be of little help in most European markets.
In non-profit areas, the Red Cross is an example of a well known emblem that does not need an accompanying name. The importance of color in this context is due to the mechanics of human visual perception wherein color and contrast play critical roles in custom aprons. In addition, we tend to acquire various color connotations and color associations through social and cultural conditioning, and these play a role in how we decipher and evaluate logo color. While color is considered important to brand recognition and logo design, it shouldn't conflict with logo functionality, and it needs to be remembered that color connotations and associations are not consistent across all social and cultural groups.

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