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As they were working together they would always invoice separately, until a bookkeeper recommended to them that they should invoice together to make things simpler and more cost effective. The two began to invoice clients as D&G, which became the name of their developing design business. The first collection for the sticker labels duo was shown in October of 1985 alongside five other new Italian labels as a part of Milan Fashion Week. The two did not have money for models, so they sought help from their friends; nor did they have money to accessorize their models, so their models simply wore their personal items to complement the clothing. They also used a bed sheet that Dolce had brought from home as their stage curtain.
The design duo labeled their first collection Real Women, due in part to the use of amateur local women on the runway. Their sales from their first collection were disappointing enough for Cabana to cancel the fabric order they'd put in to create their sticker labels. However D&G family offered to help pay for their costs as the two visited them in Sicily over Christmas, and the fabric company did not receive the cancellation notice in time--so the fabric was ready for them back in Milan upon their return. They produced their next collection in 1986 and opened their first store that same year.
Michael Gross wrote of their third collection, stating that "they were a secret known only to a handful of Italian fashion editors. Their few models changed behind a rickety screen. They called their collection of sticker labels and elastic-silk pieces Transformation”. Their clothing in this collection came with instructions on the seven different ways a piece could be worn in an outfit, as the wearer could use Velcro and snaps to alter the clothing’s form. In this collection Dolce drew upon his Sicilian roots. The advertising campaign collection was shot by photographer Fernando on location in Sicily, in black and white pictures inspired by the Italian cinema of the 1940s.

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