Plastic seal tags & metal seal tags

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Metal seal tags: From the classification of the material are the aluminum shell seal tags and alloy seal tags. The aluminum seal tags is made of aluminum sheet (aluminum shell), screen printing stickers or PVC patch, add the rope and arrow. Alloy seal tags: alloy (casting) add rope and arrow (injection).
Usually seal tags are divided into plastic seal tags and metal seal tags two categories: plastic seal tags: From the classification of the material belongs to the phenyl ethyl to dilute class, modified polystyrene. The material we used is only one of the two major categories: (transparent styrene) AS material and ABS materials. The AS material is named styrene; Name is ABS material - butadiene (Butadiene) - styrene (Styrene).
Our company is a professional producer of garment accessories, such as woven labels, printed labels, metal labels, seal tags, hangtags, etc. We offer all kinds of garment accessories with good quality and reasonable price. After years of development, we have a wealth of experience and technology accumulated in producing seal tags.

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