Sports Wear Are Fond of Metal Labels

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Sports Wear Are Fond of Metal Labels

In past few years, our always heard a word, diversification, in this pluralistic society, fashion is also advancing with the times, unlike that do never in contact with the movement, the wide gap now are fadeing. Sometimes you simply confusion. Remember the advent of Prada platform shoes, everyone agreed that this is a pair of enhancement version of Brogue movement, the second quarter even come out the  football shoes with sole colloidal, but fashion fans will still buy it, no trace of care, after all, who would like to wear uncomfortable, so let board feet boots go to hell.

So in a very decent T stage show, had serious brands have begun to relax, in golf, tennis courts we can see T-shirts and shorts calmly boarded on formal occasions after the designers’ improvement, on Watanabe show, models are are foot in Nike, Kanye West wearing sneakers directly sitting the first row of the show, although we think that a lot of stuff does not matter, but to him the next day directly reported by major fashion media headlines, in fact, he is still a little out of tune with European mainstream society.

Many moving elements should mix into shoes above, like white metal labels, but if Kanye West replaced to a pair of New Balance shoes, he might not be subject to so many dirty looks, because the New Balance shoes type was more in line with fashion aesthetic. Now many sports brands was loaded continuous reliable to himself, also could not help but want to go with fashion paste, like Puma, at that time when I was little, it is synonymous with cellular air cushion,no difference between Nike and Reebok, But now Puma and designers close relates together, from Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen to Mihara Yasuhiro and so on, the more free platform for designers to play more dress ideas, making customers unwilling to wear out for a run.


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