Pvc Labels and Various Pvc Products

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Pvc Labels and Various Pvc Products
Pvc labels are not only used in garment, but also in other fields. Such as the shoes, hates, package, bags and so on. Thus PVC developed rapidly. In China Variety of plastic has been products since the 1950s, industrial production of PVC resin in PVC processing. The root reports, PVC resin production in China reached 641,000 tons in 1988,  meet the rate of 91.2%  on the market. In recent years, an annual output of PVC production will exceed 100 million tons.

With the increase of PVC production, new materials and new additives appear, and the processing means continuous improvement, PVC has been widely used in the footwear industry, the variety are changed from  the early injection soles to current foam sandals, the injection senior sports shoes, imitation leather bottom transparent bottom.

However, in fact, though PVC soles having better abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and low price, a clear pattern of products, good color and many other advantages.  But it is rarely used alone in manufacturing soles, commonly used are migration resistance, cold resistance, flexibility, skid resistance and most of the rubber, elastomers, improve wearing comfort and compression permanent deformation performance, making it more suitable sole material in manufacturing, particularly in the manufacturing of high-end shoes.  Except the soles, you can also see other PVC products like pvc labels.

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