How to Distinguish the Woven Labels and Printed Labels

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How to Distinguish the Woven Labels and Printed Labels
Woven labels is characterized by the pretty soft feel . More suitable for higher clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits, and very particular about in Japanese manufacturers with the most machines is also Japan do pay attention. The India Mark standard cloth wide cloth label called standard cloth, cloth standard widely used in clothing, toys, bedding, home textiles, luggage, handbags, furniture, electronic products, and other industries.

Printed labels cloth targets commonly used materials in general: the Ribbon (affordable, you can achieve the best washing effect), tape (also called the plant tape coated fabrics, slippery surface of the table, so printing the best, but not as ribbons resistance washing), cotton with (natural environmental), polyester tape (smooth fabric, printing effects, washable).

India Mark cloth targets can fine print LOGO pattern, can be washed, the apparel industry standard cloth is needed most, the main label, care label, ingredient label, size Mark followed plush toys, bed supplies, home textiles, etc. these are required in the process of using washable cloth label, generally woven labels are used.

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